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Eversense XL CGM System – The New Standard in CGM

The Eversense XL CGM System is for people who want to actively manage their diabetes simply and confidently. It provides continuous glucose monitoring for up to 180 days via an implantable sensor, a removable and rechargeable smart transmitter, and a convenient smartphone app.

  • Eliminates the need for weekly sensor insertions and site maintenance

  • Professionally inserted sensor

  • Accurate over the 180 day period with MARD of 9.4%*

    * 2.2-22.2 mmol/L (40-400 mg/dL)

    * Aronson, et. Al., Oral presentation at ADA 2018.

  • Only CGM that provides on-body vibe alerts when low or high, even when mobile device is not nearby

  • Only CGM with removable smart transmitter – no sensor wasted when smart transmitter is removed

  • Powers sensor and calculates glucose readings

  • Water-resistant submerged in 1 meter for up to 30 minutes

  • Rechargeable battery, 1-year limited warranty

  • Pump Peelz for the Eversense Smart Transmitter

  • Receive predictive alerts to let you know if your glucose is moving toward a high or low event

  • Glucose readings automatically sent to app every 5 minutes

  • Track events like meals and workouts and see them in graphs right on your screen to help identify trends

  • View summary reports to better understand your glucose history and patterns

Remote monitoring with the “My Circle” feature

  • Invite up to 5 friends and family members to view your glucose data using Eversense NOW, a mobile app for your friends and family