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Eversense Long Lasting Sensor

No need for weekly sensor insertions.

Unlike ordinary glucose sensors, the Eversense Sensor is professionally implanted, subcutaneously, in the upper arm. No part of the sensor sticks through the skin surface.

Encased in a biocompatible material, the sensor uses fluorescence-based technology to measure glucose in the interstitial fluid that reversibly binds to the glucose-indicating polymer.  The measurement and display of glucose values are both done automatically, without the need for user intervention.

Features & Functions

  • Sensor lasts up to 6 months — no weekly sensor insertions

  • Professional insertion and removal in doctor’s office

  • Fully implanted with no sensor part sticking through skin

  • Accurate over the 6 month period with MARD of 9.4%*

* 2.2-22.2 mmol/L(40-400 mg/dL)
* Aronson, et. Al., Oral presentation at ADA 2018.

Professional Insertion Procedure

1. Make Incision

~ 5 mm Incision in upper arm
under local anesthetic

2. Insert Sensor

Sensor inserted with custom inserter

3. Close insertion site

Steri-StripsTM to close