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Instant Insights—The Eversense Mobile App

Readings directly on your mobile device.

The Eversense Mobile App runs on a compatible mobile device to receive and display the sensor glucose data from the Eversense Smart Transmitter.

It provides easy access to real-time glucose measurements and eliminates the need to carry a separate receiver device.

In addition to seeing your current glucose value every 5 minutes, the app also displays where your glucose is headed and how fast, so you can take action confidently.

Features to help you manage your diabetes

  • Set unique sounds for your glucose alerts
  • Set up a temporary glucose profile with custom high and low target and alert levels
  • Receive predictive alerts to let you know in advance if your glucose is moving toward a high or low event
  • Track events like meals and workouts and see them right on your graph to help identify trends
  • View summary reports to better understand your glucose history and patterns

Remote monitoring with the ‘My Circle’ feature

  • Invite up to 5 friends and family members to view your glucose data using Eversense NOW, a mobile app for your friends and family